My name is Sherrikka Myers and I’m on the advisory board of Every 1
Voice Matters. Growing up there were times when I tried to speak, but nothing
would come out. I knew what I wanted to say, and my mouth would move, but I just couldn’t form the words. When I finally spoke, my siblings would either finish my sentences or tell me to be quiet. Having a stutter was frustrating and isolating.

I seldom spoke to people for fear that I would expose my stuttering and be
teased. It wasn’t until middle school that I realized I had to do something.
I remember the day I had to do morning announcements over the loudspeaker—I could barely say my name, much less read the announcements. I was petrified to say anything more—the whole school would know I was different.

From that day on I was determined to figure out how to get it under control. And, eventually, with a lot of patience, I learned techniques that helped curb my stuttering.

I always wanted to help kids who stuttered, because of how it affected my life.
My grandson, Lil Herbert, stutters. Wanting to spare him and other children from some of the difficulties I experienced during my childhood, I’ve made it my mission to help those with speech impediments and let them know that they are not alone. It can be conquered, and you can find your voice. Growing up with a stutter was hard and I always wondered, why it happened to me.

Now I have the reason—Every 1 Voice Matters—your voices matter to me.